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Guide to Tele-Conference Etiquette

Like any business practice, teleconferencing comes with its own set of rules and proper behavior. To make sure your next teleconference is a pleasant, positive, businesslike experience for everyone involved, here are some tips for you and your coworkers to consider:

Have everyone call in separately  

Multiple people using a single speakerphone can detract from audio quality and make the teleconference a more muddled experience. Have everyone call in from their own phone.

Make sure everyone is in a quiet place  

If people are calling in from home, make sure there are no pets or children in the room during the conference. For those at the office, make sure the door is closed and ambient noise has been removed from the room. Background noise is very distracting during a teleconference.

Stick to the agenda  

A teleconference is just like a meeting everyone involved has taken the time to build it in to their busy schedules. Don't run late and don't veer to far from the planned agenda. And if you are running long, try to pick up the pace.

Limit attendance to the invited participants  

Don't put extra people on speakerphone and have them join in at random. It hurts the flow of the teleconference and can make people who were scheduled to attend uncomfortable because of the change in plans.

Use the mute button  

When you are not speaking on the teleconference, use your mute button to keep ambient noise from distracting other people on the call. Even the sound of papers shuffling on your desk can come over the line in harsh tones.

Don't interrupt  

Although it seems like an obvious point to make, people talking over one another hampers productive discussion during the teleconference. Wait for your turn to speak. Always respect others on the call.


The secret to a successful teleconference is to act with all the courtesy and professionalism you would in a live meeting.