Premium Conference Call service hosted in Manila, Philippines, Australia, Singapore USA and UK. Teleconference made easy by Tele-Conference.Asia

All conference call accounts come with 5 Dial in numbers. Your participants may dial any of our dial in numbers in Manila, California, London, Sydney and Singapore to enter into the conference call.

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How vOffice Tele-Conference Works

Our tele-conference service is really simple to use. Upon signing up for an account, you will be given 2 numbers


You can choose to be assigned with 5 dial-in numbers (Manila, Sydney, USA, UK, Singapore and Malaysia fixed line), conference room number and a PIN. 

According to the recent survey, cost of calling a US fixed line service is one of the lowest in the world and in many cases, it is cheaper than calling a local mobile phone carrier. Example: If you are residing in Australia, to call a local mobile phone number can cost up to AUD0.45 cents per minute and to call a US fixed line, it will only cost AUD.0.09 per minute.



Each tele-conference account will come with 1 Security Pin and your conference attendees must enter the correct Security Pin before they are allow to participate in the conference call. You may request for your Security Pin to be change when necessary — free of charge.


Once you have this information, you can start a conference call anytime. Send your private conference call telephone number and the security pin to all your potential participants and just tell them to call into this telephone number at the time you want to start the conference call.

It's really that simple!