Premium Conference Call service hosted in Manila, Philippines, Australia, Singapore USA and UK. Teleconference made easy by Tele-Conference.Asia

All conference call accounts come with 5 Dial in numbers. Your participants may dial any of our dial in numbers in Manila, California, London, Sydney and Singapore to enter into the conference call.

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About Tele-Conference.Asia

Tele-Conferencing Service is a subsidiary of Flexi e-Solutions Pty Ltd (FES) and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. FES has been operating various IT related businesses for over 10 years and has a global customers of over 300,000 today. FES operates web hosting business, data center, virtual office, telephony solution, internet fax service and as part of our organic growth, we now brings your Tele-Conference.Asia.

What makes different?

Unlike our competitor who likes to complicate simple things, we keep tele-conference simple. It is so easy and affordable that all businesses can afford to maintain one. Our tele-conference plan is based on maximum number of participants and we do not charge you for the minutes use. Once you have purchase our tele-conference service, you can use it as much as you like as long as the number of participants is within your plan limit.


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Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting


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Jakarta, Indonesia
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It is so easy and affordable that all businesses can afford to maintain one.